In Goldfinger (directed by Guy Hamilton), James Bond’s most famous car, the Aston Martin, is seen in action for the first time.

In early 2000, Spielberg buys his own Aston Martin. Spielberg: “My favorite Bond film is Goldfinger. I own a DB9 Aston Martin and the only reason why I have it is because of James Bond.”


First theatrical premiere of a Spielberg film:

Firelight – Spielberg’s final 8mm amateur film – is screened in a rented movie theatre (Phoenix Little Theatre). He makes his first profit that night: $ 1.

Filming in 1963 lasts six months. 16-year-old Spielberg assigns all of his family, friends and school drama students for the $ 600 production.

First script: With
his brand-new 8mm camera and sound equipment in mind, Spielberg pens a
67-page movie script. The story is inspired by Byron Haskin’s The War of the Worlds (1953).

First film score: Spielberg composes the soundtrack by using his clarinet, his mother creates the sheet music for the school orchestra.